Kids Making Sense

Empowering youth and communities to clear the air and improve public health.

Worsening air pollution in many parts of the world is harming millions of people, shortening lives, and taking a toll on our ecosystem. Cities in India, China, and even the U.S. frequently exceed air quality standards, and soaring pollution levels put people at risk. To complicate matters, regulatory monitoring sites are sparsely distributed and cannot adequately measure pollution levels throughout the world. Yet knowledge of dense local pollution levels can be a powerful driver for change.

Kids Making Sense will help individuals make an impact within their communities simply by crowdsourcing credible air quality data. Our goal is to create a complete, open source measurement sensing system and empower youth around the world to drive positive change in their communities. Kids Making Sense will

  • Develop an interactive, thorough curriculum
  • Train teachers at U.S. and international schools
  • Engage students to build air quality sensors
  • Deploy sensors in students' local communities
  • Interpret and share collected data
  • Identify causes of local air pollution
  • Lead civic action to protect public health

Want to get involved? We'd love to hear from you.