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Engage Students in
Real-World Science

Teach your students about the importance of air quality and ways to reduce air pollution in your community through experiments and data collection.

We’ve thought of everything. Your Kids Making Sense kit contains supplies, mobile sensors, and NGSS and Common Core aligned lessons. We even have a version for high school AP classes. Our curriculum covers the fundamentals of air pollution science, and our teacher training materials allow you to integrate KMS into your classroom at your own pace! Your students will actively build their scientific knowledge through our exciting hands-on activities.

As fellow educators, we understand how hard it is to teach right now. That’s why we’ve built our mobile lab materials to be usable in traditional, hybrid, or distance-learning situations. We are here to help you and your students succeed, no matter how you’re conducting lessons.

Give your kids a Hall Pass to Planet Earth. With our hands-on activities, students get out of the classroom and use the mobile sensors and technology to measure real-world particle pollution in your community.


Your students will collect and record data using our modern, mobile, cloud-connected sensors. That information is uploaded to our map website that enables students to share and analyze their own real data.

Once your class has uploaded their data to the mapping web site, we can arrange for a video call with one of our air quality scientists. Our scientists are real people who love to discuss student findings, answer questions, and help your students discover more about air quality.


The best part is that your students can turn their data and knowledge into action! We provide you with ideas and templates for student posters and presentations that can be used for science fairs, community engagement, or environmental justice campaigns. Engaging students through science means more than just learning the material – it’s about turning that knowledge into positive, lasting impacts.

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