Environmental Science Labs - Air Quality | Kids Making Sense

Kids Making Sense® is a hands-on program that educators can use to teach students how to measure and monitor air quality and weather, to interpret the data they collect, and to take action to reduce their exposure to air pollution. The program consists of STEM-based curriculum, hand-held air sensor technology, and support from professional air quality scientists.


The mission of Kids Making Sense is to provide high-quality, innovative, science-based curriculum and laboratory kits for air quality education worldwide. We strive to provide unique and comprehensive STEM-based curriculum modules and to help educate students about the air they breathe. Our goal is to empower youth to measure their air and understand how best to protect themselves.


Empowering Youth

The Kids Making Sense® program motivates youth to drive positive change and improve public health by collecting credible air quality data around their neighborhoods. Students participate in hands-on science tasks, discuss their findings with an air quality scientist, and share their data with the global air quality community. They can even use their data to identify local sources of air pollution and take actions to be part of the solution.


Worldwide Project Locations

The Kids Making Sense program has been implemented by students and teachers all throughout the world! Many of these locations have designed experiments within their community to measure air quality and used the results to make changes within their community. Check out the interactive map to see what countries, states, and cities have used Kids Making Sense to enhance their environmental education programs!


Well-Crafted Curriculum

Developed by air quality scientists and educators, and thoroughly tested by teachers and students around the world, Kids Making Sense® unites STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education and NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) with an easy to use air sensing system to teach students and other citizens about air pollution using project-based learning and hands-on activities. The Kids Making Sense® programs are thoughtfully designed to be turnkey solutions to inspire and motivate both students and educators, allowing them to create needed awareness and change for our planet.

Air Pollution

Air pollution is harming millions of people around the world, shortening lives, and taking a devastating toll on our ecosystem. Cities in India, China, and even the U.S. frequently exceed air quality standards, and unhealthy pollution levels put people at risk. The most common causes of air pollution are motor vehicle emissions, industrial sources, and biomass burning. Clean air is essential to maintaining the delicate balance of life on this planet, not just for humans, but also for wildlife and vegetation. Air is our most precious resource, and keeping it clean should be our highest priority.

The Kids Making Sense air quality sensors utilize the AirCasting App, developed by HabitatMap. For more information about HabitatMap, please visit habitatmap.org