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Introduction to Kids Making Sense

Kids Making Sense | Feb 22, 2020
Learn about Kids Making Sense, an interactive program that allows students to collect and analyze air pollution data, identify pollution sources, and take action to improve the air in their communities.

Air Pollution 101

National Geographic | Oct 16, 2017
What is air pollution? Learn how greenhouse gasses, smog, and toxic pollutants effect climate change, and human health.

Understanding Air Quality and Monitoring

South Coast AQMD | March 2021
An excellent video that summarizes what air pollutants are, the effects of air pollution on health, and how air sensors can be used to help understand air quality conditions.

Why is Coco Orange?

A video produced by the U.S. EPA explaining air quality and asthma to younger students (4- 8 years old).

Greta Thunberg #ClimateAction champion visits WHO Pollution Pods

World Health Organization
A short video where Greta explains the importance of reducing air pollution.

5 ways to reduce traffic related air pollution

Environment and Climate Change Canada
Includes a helpful overview of what can be done to reduce traffic-related air pollution.

How Clean is the Air in Canada?

Environment and Climate Change Canada
This short video includes a helpful explanation of particulate matter including where it comes from, how it affects the environment, and how it is measured.

How indoor air quality affects your lungs

American Lung Association
Includes a great overview of what air pollution is and how it can impact health.

Nations must work together to reduce air pollution

United Nations
A video from the United Nations explaining how air pollution around the world affects disadvantaged communities disproportionately and what countries must do collectively together to improve air quality.

Clean air for nature

Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Produced by the UK’s Joint Nature Conservation Committee, this video focuses on the impacts of gas-phase air pollutants on nature including soil nutrients and pH.

More detailed videos

Image of smoke stacks

The Clean Air Act
A detailed history of the clean air act and changes enacted over the years.

Connections between air quality and climate

World Meteorological Organization
A detailed video created by the World Meteorological Organization that explains how air pollution is connected to climate change. This video discusses volatile organic compounds (gas phase pollutants) and ozone.