Air Quality Curriculum | Kids Making Sense | FAQ


1What is Kids Making Sense?
Kids Making Sense® is a hands-on program that educators can use to teach students how to measure and monitor air quality and weather, to interpret the data they collect, and to take action to reduce their exposure to air pollution. The program consists of three elements 1) STEM-based curriculum, 2) hand-held air sensor technology, and 3) support from professional air quality scientists.
2Is there a full Kids Making Sense curriculum?
Kids Making Sense, although not a conventional curriculum, is a set of lessons and activities designed to fit easily into a STEM-based environmental science curriculum. The lessons and activities align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core Standards.
3What age group is Kids Making Sense designed for?
The standard lessons and activities are adaptable for U.S. grades 5 through 12 (ages 10 through 18). Our enhanced lessons are adaptable for U.S. grades 10 through 12 and were developed for use in Advanced Placement (AP) classes.
4What is included with the purchase of a Kids Making Sense kit?
Kids Making Sense® kits include air sensor(s), smart phone(s), a teacher's guide, a student workbook, access to the Kids Making Sense® data-viewing website, and phone support. The Small Group Kit and the Classroom Kit also include materials for hands-on science activities and a video chat session with an air quality scientist.
5What is video chat with an air quality scientist?
When you purchase a Small Group Kit or a Classroom Kit, you may choose to participate in a video chat session with an air quality scientist. This can be a chat session for an individual or for a classroom with students. You may schedule the video chat session for a time that fits your schedule.
6How do I get a Kids Making Sense kit?
You can purchase a Kids Making Sense kit from this website using a credit card. We also accept purchase orders. To place a purchase order, please call 866-656-7404.
7How do I get an AirBeam sensor?
The Kids Making Sense kits come with AirBeam sensor(s) and paired smartphone(s). If you already have a Kids Making Sense kit and you need to replace an AirBeam sensor, contact us at 866-656-7404.
8How does the AirBeam sensor work and what does it measure?
The AirBeam uses a light-scattering method to detect different sizes of airborne particles, or particulate matter (PM). Software then estimates the number of particles in the air and reports the concentration in micrograms per cubic meter.
9Do measurements from the AirBeam meet regulatory requirements?
AirBeam measurements are not intended for regulatory use. The AirBeam can capture trends in particles measured by more conventional (and expensive) monitors.
10Kids Making Sense Return and Warranty Policy
If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please let us know immediately so that we can correct the issue. You may return a Kids Making Sense ® Kit within 90 days, providing all equipment and contents are intact, unused, and in their original packaging. Please call Customer Support at 866-656-7404 before returning a Kit so we can provide you with the best service and support.

If you are having an issue with a piece of equipment, please call Customer Support at 866-656-7404 and we can help you troubleshoot. If the equipment is defective, we will replace it at no cost within 30 days of purchase.