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Empower your students to measure their own exposure to air pollution and take action to improve their homes and communities.

A Flexible Science Curriculum Kit for Classroom and Distance Learning

Ignite your students' passion for science with hand-held air quality sensors, and the knowledge of how to use them. Kids Making Sense® is a grade 6-12 supplemental science curriculum, with a complete lab kit, that engages your students through scientific inquiry. Students conduct hands-on experiments, design their own air pollution research studies, and collaborate with career scientists.

Air Quality Science Curriculum Kits

Our Classroom and Small Group packages include air sensors, smart phones, activity materials, a teacher's guide, a student workbook, access to our data visualization website, a video chat with an air quality scientist, and online and phone support.

  • "This kit is incredible! It is very easy to understand and workable with a wide variety of grades. There is a lot of opportunity to have extension activities and the students LOVE seeing their samples appear live on the map. I was able to create extension activities with music, phonics, and geography! This is a well worth investment!"
    - Lisa Hoffman, Blue Lake Rancheria
  • “If you’re a student, you think 'Wow, I could be part of a big experiment that could change people’s lives.' ”
    - Mr. Naka, Science Teacher, CA
  • "Really useful and teacher friendly."
    - Middle school teacher at West Valley School District
  • "As an AP teacher I saw a huge improvement in their knowledge and ability to answer air pollution questions on the college board test."
    - 11th and 12th grade teacher at Lewis and Clark High School, Washington
  • "You will walk away with great lessons and tools to teach hands on Science. As a result students will have a deep understanding and knowledge about air pollution."
    - High School teacher, Lewis and Clark High, WA
  • "I loved the training. I thought it was informational, well-paced, and the trainers were knowledgeable. Teachers: Look early to find a way to put this into your lessons!"
    - 6th grade teacher, Medical Lake Middle School, WA
  • "An enriching experience in gathering real-time data"
    - Dr. Jeganathan, Stockbridge High School, GA
  • "How each of the Modules build upon the next leading to gathering and analysis of data is a great way for students to have a deep understanding of air pollution, where it comes from and its effects on health."
    - 11th and 12th grade teacher at Lewis and Clark High School, WA
  • "Great materials that can be used for years."
    -9th grade teacher, Shadle Park High School, WA
  • "If you are somebody who is trying to get this [program] in a school near you [or] if you have kids, I would definitely advise it — it’s great!”
    - Mr. Navarro, Senior Team Leader at Norwood Junior High, CA
  • "It is very exciting to have these portable air quality meters that the students can touch and walk around with. I think it makes it more 'real' for them when they know exactly where the reading is coming from."
    - High School Teacher at The Community School, WA