Air Pollution

Air pollution is harming millions of people around the world, shortening lives, and taking a toll on our ecosystem. Cities in India, China, and even the U.S. frequently exceed air quality standards, and soaring pollution levels put people at risk.


All packages include sensors, materials, teacher's guide, student workbook, meeting with an air quality scientist, phone support, and access to the KMS data-viewing website.


Kids Making Sense in Thailand

In the program’s first trip to Thailand, Kids Making Sense (KMS) workshops engaged over 60 students. The s ...

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Students Present Air Quality Findings to Policymakers – San Pedro, CA

Students in southern California engaged in hands-on lessons about air pollution, participated in experiments to ...

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Kids Making Sense Program Publishes New Student Workbook and Teacher’s Guide

The Kids Making Sense (KMS) program has published the new Student Workbook and Teacher’s Guide to teach stude ...

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Empowering Students in SoCal

Two groups of enthusiastic southern California students received hands-on lessons on local air quality and low- ...

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Kids Making Sense on Earth Day – Taichung, Taiwan

In our second visit to Taiwan, students from Stella Matutina Girls' High School in Taichung measured particle p ...

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Prototype Science Program – Sacramento, CA

After participating in a day-long workshop, students at Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, California, d ...

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Kids Makings Sense Goes Global – Taipei, Taiwan

In our first international Kids Making Sense workshop, students from Banqiao High School in New Taipei City, Ta ...

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Tech Demo Day with the U.S. EPA – Washington, DC

U.S. EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy (in green) stopped by our Kids Making Sense b ...

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How can I host a Kids Making Sense workshop?

Please contact us! We offer several options and we would be happy to talk with you about hosting a workshop in your area.

What age group is Kids Making Sense designed for?

The lessons and activities are adaptable for U.S. grades 5 through 12 (ages 10 through 18).

Is there a full Kids Making Sense curriculum?

Kids Making Sense, although not a conventional curriculum, is a set of lessons and activities designed to fit easily into a STEM-based environmental science curriculum.

How do I get a Kids Making Sense kit?

By hosting a workshop! We keep an inventory of kits available for projects and workshops.

How do I get an AirBeam sensor?

By hosting a workshop! Right now, we have many AirBeam and other sensors available for projects and workshops. We’re also exploring other particle and gas sensing systems to use with Kids Making Sense. If you already have a Kids Making Sense kit and you need to replace an AirBeam sensor, contact us.

How does the AirBeam sensor work and what does it measure?

The AirBeam uses a light-scattering method to detect particles. Software then estimates the number of particles in the air per cubic foot. The sensor takes a reading every 1.5 seconds. We have implemented a conversion factor to output readings in a more conventional unit (micrograms per cubic meter). The AirBeam mainly measures fine particulate matter, or PMto PM5.

Do measurements from the AirBeam meet regulatory requirements?

AirBeam measurements are not intended for regulatory use. The AirBeam can capture trends in particles measured by more conventional (and expensive) monitors.


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